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Figuring Out Services

How to Choose the Right TSCM Service Provider

Before you choose experts to conduct Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) inspection, it is important to do some research and ensure that they are right for your business. The following are some tips for choosing a TSCM Service Provider.

Before you employ a TSCM expert, you first need to determine their level of experience in the industry. It is important to look for a service provider with a proven track history and one who has been operating in the for a number of years. Ask for a list of references to find out about the experience of the TSCM service provider.

Make sure that the TSCM provider you choose has the right equipment required in order to complete the task effectively. They should own the latest set of equipment that will help identify any eavesdropping devices in your building. A qualified operator will use tools such as OSCOR green or blue spectrum analyzer, a telephone analyzer and a KESTREL. Do not consider experts who choose to only use the broadband detector as this will not be sufficient in providing you with credible technical assessment.

Furthermore, the TSCM service needs to show you proof of their security consulting licenses and insurance certificates. Ask for proof of their business license as this shows that they have met the threshold required in order to operate. Just like any other professional, insurance will protect you from taking responsibility when something goes wrong when the team is executing their duties.

Ask to meet the TSCM team that will handling your project so that you can verify them accordingly. Ask to see their training certificates and make sure that they have gone through TSCM training at a highly recognized institution. In order to understand the possible threats, the team leader should have been involved in the security sector and have military experience. The team should also comprise of an electrician who will check the sockets and ducting and a qualified telecommunications engineer to inspect the telephone lines. They should conduct a lot of research in order to come up with the right procedure that will keep up with the change in technology.

Before you decide to work with a Technical Surveillance Counter Measure expert, it is highly recommended to check their reputation. Also, ask if they have membership with professional organizations that are highly regarded in the industry. Such TSCM associations come up with standards and codes of ethics that is each member is required to adhere to.

To help you narrow down your list of TSCM service provider, ensure that you are provided with a detailed quote. You will know you are making the right hiring decision if you feel comfortable with the service provider.

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